They are baking here too...

As everywhere else in the world. May be with a little bit more sugar in or on it.

carribean Christmas Cookies

200g Carambola or Jujube
250g Flour
150g rolled Oats
1 TL baking-powder
175g Butter or Margerine
175 g brown sugar
1 Egg
1Tl Piment
1Tl Cinammon
marrow of a half vanilla bone (alternatively take vanilla arome)

How to do:

1. cut Carambola or Jujube to small dices and put them into a bit of fflour
2. beat Butter (Margarine) with Sugar and Salt up.
3. Stir Egg, Spices and vanilla into that.
4. Mix Flour, Oats and backing powder.
5. add minced Dryfruit and flourmix to the butter and add milk until you have a supple paste.
6. form walnut sized pieces with 2 spoons and put them on the backing paper

In a pre heated oven (electrical 180°, Air 160°) it should take not more then 12-15 minutes
to get the cookies gold-brown baked.