Sweet Persuasions

The inhabitans of the caribbean sea love the sweet things in live. And why not, sugar grows on every island, fruits could be found anywhere, the only thindg that doesn't grow here is the ice to get the thing round. But there had to be something good that came over from the "old" world....

in some desserts you may find the european roots in them but there are enogh sweets that only can be found here. 

Baked Apple with an Orange Crown

For 4 Persons

4 tasty apples with nearly the same size
1 pack of Marzipan Paste
as much minced nuts as you like
4 tablespoons of Bellos Orange Marmelade
some butter

peel the for 4 apples and outrivale the apples core. Put the Marzipan Pate into the apple so that it nearly fills the apple. Put the apples into a buttered casserole. Sprinkel as much minced nuts over the apples as you like. Put a tablespoon of Orange Marmelade on top of each apple and a bit of butter on the marmelade.

Get the casserole into an oven heated with about 160 degrees. Back the apples about 45 minutes until they are mellow and lightly browned.

Serve it hot with the vanillasauce.

Banana Lime Foam

100 ml Montague Pure Lime Juice
1 Bio Limette
1 ripe Banana
3 eggs, as fresh as possible
80 g sugar
1 EL ron

Separate the eggs. Get the yellow part into a waterbath(a metal bowl swimming in pot of hot water) together with 90 ml of the lime juice, the sugar and the ron. Mix it.
Beat the egg white together with the last 10 ml of the juice until it gets real stiff. Now heat up the waterbath and beat the eggs until they get whity and stiff too. Then fold the yellow quickly into the beaten white. Do it gently but quick. Take 100 g of the banana and purree it. Fold it in to the eggs too. Put into the cups you want to serve it in and get it into the fridge for at least 4 hours. Rub off the skin of the limette and cut the fruit into thin slices. Decorate the cups with the slices and spread the skin over it.

Rum-Orange Sabayon

4 Oranges, at least one untreated
4 real fresh egg yolk
2 EL de la Grenade Liqueur
50 g brown sugar
80 ml brown ron
fresh grounded pepper

Wash the untreated orange with hot water and dry it. Peel of half of the skin in fine stripes for decoartion purposes. Rub off the rest of the skin. Peel the

oranges and get out the filets (that means also get off the fine white skin of the pieces) Put these filets into a flat bowl and dribble the liqueur over them. Dust

them with the clove powder and the pepper.
Get the orangeskin ogether with the ron egg yolk, the sugar and the ron into a water bath. Heat up the water and beat the mass so that it gets foamy and more thick.

Better you try that once before so that you know it. Else you may produce scrambled eggs... Get the mass from the water and continue beating it for a while until

it cooled down a bit.
For serving get the Sabayon on a plate, drape the orange filets around it and decorate all with the peeled skin.