Dominica and its spicy food

Baum im Sumpf bei PortsmouthDominica is not known for its endless sandy beachesas you may expect them on a caribbean island. In fact you have to search the rael sandy ones by hand. But there are lovely diving areas, green woods, hiking areas, waterfalls and so on. That's why they call Dominica the Green Island.

Food may be find in all expectable varietys on this island. At first there is fish and crustaceans, beef, pork, poultry and a lot of exotic green food. On nearly any table you will find a hot sauce mostly made by the company of Bello.

A real dominican speciality is the spiced Ron. Nearly every little Ron Shoppe has its own recipe to produces this. It is made with normal rum and added local herbs like cinammon. We try to import that but there is an organisation called Customs that trys to prevent us from doing so... ;-)