Fish on the table

files/green-isle/images/images_on_pages/Fishing_Tree.jpgThere are really a lot of fishes around the islands. Thatdoesnt't mean that anything that swims could or would be eaten. There are normally just a few species that are regularly fished or hapunized or caught by a net. Any way how they get on your table they will be fresh as fresh can.

Cause you don't know who will bite the hook you cannot plan what will be on the table in the evening. In most of the reastaurants there will be a sign announcing the "fish of the day" instead of a fixed menu.

Fishfilet marinated

All kinds of fish may be well marinated by our green seasonings (Barons Green Seasoning or Ericas All Purpose Seasoning)
If you bought fresh fish and want to freeze it then just get the seasoning together with the fish into the bag. The time of freezing and unfreezing is enough to well marinate your fish. Use 1 Teaspoon of Barons/Pound and 1 Spoon/Pound of Ericas. Ora as much as you like, try it.

Else you may just get the seasoning onto the fish and put it for at least 2 hours into the fridge.
After that you may do whats good for the fish. Grill it, cook it, whatever you like...