1. Seller

The Site www.green-isle.de was produced by VlipSoft for Green-Isle. Both are located in Herne.

Volker Lipper
Allensteiner Weg 9
44625 Herne

Telefon 02323 / 944396
Telefax 02323 / 944351

German Tax number is 325/5050/2685.
By german law we are a so called "Kleinuntermenhmen". Beacuse of that we do not have a UStId.
The company is the property of Volker Lipper.

2. Liability for external Links

We cannot give any liability for External links. We are not responsible for their content.

3. Liability for the content of our own Site

We proof and recherche all the contents of our Site es good as we can. In spite of taht we cannot give any liability for the Correctness and Complettnes of theses contents.

4. Dataprotection Hint

We will only personal datas that we need to do our business. All datas about visits etc. are only stored for statistical puposes without any personal data. (No of visited Sites, order of precedence of visted pages an external links)

This is done in corresponding to the current german law of data protection and only for internal purposes. We do not know who visits oour site or how long you stay on them or how you act while visiting.

We do not use Cookies to document any thing with them.

We only store personal data when it is needed for our business, but if we do so we do it as it is described in § 28 BDSG.

We do never hand out these datas to any third party for commercial use or any thing like that.

5. Copyright hint

Everything that is published in this site is protected by Copyright law. Every use of it that is not protected by this law needs our written permission. This is especially for:

- copying
- editing,
- storing
- translation,
- further use in databases.

Prints, Screenshots and downloads could only be done for personal and private use but not for the commercial use.

Not included in this are all downloads that are offered by us expressly for other puposes.