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Nearly anything that could fly or run or swin makes its way into the cooking pot here. Kuh auf Dominica At first there is fish in zhe pot. This is some what natural cause there is a lot more of water round the islans then land on it. The land on the islands is still mostly covered with djungle. And we should be lucky that it is.

The people here take evey advantage to get their lunch ready. They mae take a gun and have a trip into the djungle, they make take a arpune and go for a little dwimming. Even when thy use a ferry they just throw out a line with a hook. The people here love to have a barbecue at the beach. This is one of the famoust ways to enjoy saturday afternoon and evening. On saurday you may find the smokers at the street and you can buy a freshly grilled piece of whatever directly from your cars seats. 

Also a wide range of imported stuff has made its wy into the kitchen here. Unfortuntely this does not work the other way round. So we are still working on importing some base stuff like vegetables from the slands.