Some like it hot or whats good for your blood pressure

by vli

Scientists in China found out that the continous use of chili in your food will be good for your blood pressure. As they showed in a studie, published in "Cell Metabolism" chinese scientists found that the use of Capsaicin will reduce theire risk of high pressure. At first they realied that there are regions in china that traditionelly use a lot of chili. They had only 10-14 percent of people with high pressure problems. All other parts of china show up to 20% of people with problems like that.

So the assumption was that there is a connection between the pressure and the chili. The superstition that hot food is good for you is evident and old. So scientists of the Third military Medical University of Chongqing took a special breed kind of labor rats that have a culktured high risk for high pressure and feed them with a capsaicin. After a while they had significatly less pressure. They showed that the capsaicin is clamative to your veins and so reduces the blood pressure.

The next step the scientist want to take is to show that the effect could also be achieved with humans. And they already have good news for those that do not like it that hot. There are milder chilis with an active component like the capsaicin. Same effect, less hot.

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