There are chickens everywhere

Chicks in DominicaOn every island you may find chickens where ever you go. Every island has its own way to serve the chickens. But on every island you may find on the weekend evenings the Bar-B-Qs that are brought to the sides of the streets. In there the chickens are grilled and then sold to the public that comes along.
Mostly there are more chicken consumed than produced on the islands. Causse of that they are imported, mostly deepfreezed from the US.

Jerk Chicken I

2 Teaspoons of Braons Jerk Seasoning per pound of chicken
8 chicken drum sticks

Crave the drumsticks with a sharp knife sometimes so that the seasoning can get better through the skin. Get thhe seasoning over the sticks and put them into the fridge for at least 2 hours. Better do this overnight.
After this put the sticks with the skin up on a plate and put this into the oven. Let in in there min 40 mins at 180 degrees. You can check if its ready by piercing it with a needle. If fluid comes out its not ready.

You can get the sticks also on the Bar-B-Q if you like.

If you plan an evening for the hard men, use more of the seasoning... ;-

Jerk Chicken II

per pound of chicken:
take a teaspoon of Baron Jerk Seasoning Powder and mix it up with 1-2 spoons of Oil.
enough chicken drumsticks, thigs, legs or whatever you like from a chicken.

Mix the seasoning as described. If you want to get the taste more deep into the meat then add a teaspoon of fresh lime juice to it. If you like pierce the skin with a sharp knife then the taste will go easier below the skin. Put the marinated meat into the fridge for at least two hours, best over night.
Get the pieces on a plate with the skin to the top and get them into the oven. Grill it with about 180 degree for min 40 mins. To check if its ready pirce th thickest part with a needle. if fluid comes out its not ready.

You can put the marinated pieces on a Bar-B-Q if you like.

How much you need of the marinade you have to find out by testing it. It will get hotter by using more..

Chicken stuffed with nuts

2 Broiler
40 g Bacon
2 Onions
200 g Peca- oder Paranutpits
ca. 1/8 ltr brown Ron
30 g Butter
2 Eggs
1/4 l chickenbroth
1 TL Thyme
5 EL Soysauce
grounded Piment, Salt, Pepper

Wash the chicks and dry them. Brush them with the ron from the outside, rub them with ron, salz and pepper from the inside.
Cut the bacon and the onions into small dices, melt the butter in the pot and roast the bacon and the onions in it until they are light brown. Put aside and let it cool down. Cut the nuts into very small pieces or ground them. Add them to onions and bacon. Put the thyme, the eggs, and enough ron into it that you get a soft paste. season it with a spoon of Soysauce, Salt and Pepper.

Heat up the oven to 180 degree.

Loosen the skin of the chickens by carefully sliding your fingertips between skin and meat starting from the neck. Try to loosen it on the breast and the legs. Fill in the Nutpaste there but only thin. else the skin might rip during baking. Get the rest of the filling into the chicken. Put some water into a backing tray and put it into the ground line of the oven. Get the chicken on a grid and put them above the tray. Grill it around 60 minutes and brush it sometimes with a bit of ron in between. At the end of the roasting time raise the temparature to 220 degrees and brush the chickens with a mixture of soysauce and ron. Should be brown and crispy in 8 to 10 minutes.
Get the chickenbroth into the back tray and loosen the roasters. Put it all into a pot and add salt, pepper, soysauce and the piment. You may thicken it a bit.
As an adder rice and Mango slices may be great.

Cold limey Turkeyroast

2.5 kg Turkeyroast (breast)
1 bunch of parsley
1 ripe papaya
120ml Montague Pure Lime Juice
5 EL Oliveoil
4 EL white ron
1 TL Barons Classic Pepper Sauce
1 EL brown sugar
2 EL de la Grenade Liqueur
1 EL sesameseed, if possible black
for garnishing: lemon balm and 1 limette

Get Parsley, 3 Sp oil, salt, the ron and the barons classic sauce into a mixer and purree it. Slowly add lime juice, should not get too liquid. Put it all over the roast and knead it into the meat. Put aside for atleast one hour.
Heat up the oven for 200 degrees, circulating air 175. Brush thick alufoil with oil and put the roast on it. Seal the foil at the sides and get the rest of the lime juice in. Seal it at the top too ang get it for about 75 minutes into the oven. Get it out of the oven and let it rest for 10 more minutes. Open the foil carefully and put the juice into a pot. Reduce the juice to 6 spoons of fluid. Put the peeled papaya into a mixer and purree it together with the gravy, the liqueur and the sugar. Close the foil again and get everything into the fridge.
To serve garnish with lemon slices and lemon balm.