How to reach us by bus

Im Anflug auf HeneWith puplic transport you have to goto Herne Central Station, chnage to Undergroung U35, go direction Bochum. Or you goto Bochum Central station and change there to U35 direction Herne.

In both cases leave the underground at Herne/Berninghausstrasse. Proceed in direction Herne, on the left there is a short footway. Go through it, go ahead, second street o the left is Allensteiner Weg.

By Car

Weit ist die GegendIf you want to go by car, please use the highway A40, leave it at Bochum-Riemke and proceed direction Herne until you reach the A43.

Or you use the A43 and leave at Bochum-Riemke and proceed direction Herne.

In both cases you will reach a traffic light after approx. 200mtr. Go ahead and leave the main street on the next possibility to the lleft. You will go between two car dealers into the Strehlener Strasse. Second on the right is the Allensteiner Weg.