Who we are

We are a small, young company in the Ruhr-Region of Germany founded in 2006. Since 2009 we have an office in UK located in windsor.

On a Studytour through the Windward Islands we learnt to know and like the people and the countries of the Windward Islands. The regional products were fascinating for us from the beginning. Because we knew that we could not buy them here we started to get in contact with local producers and dealers.

One of us is still in the Islands living and working in different Fair Trade Projects

We try to import the products as they are because we want to support the people there. That means that we do not import only parts of the products and compile them here, but we import them as it is.

We tried our best..

Skipper an BordWe've tried to do aur very best that all the content that is published here may look the same for any user. Sadly there are some browser producers that think that standards are just a guideline that may be fullfilled or not... Cause we like Open source we tried to fulfill teh w3s standards. That means that this page is optimized for Firefox and others.

But we tried our best to achieve this:

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